Tools in Review: The best meeting calendars for your business

Meetings are one of the key tools you have for business, allowing you to network, present your proposals, and hammer down the finer details on deals. It’s because they are so important and valuable that you should also have a great strategy to manage them. Calendar tools are a great way to seamlessly organize your day, your meetings and keep it all in one place. 

5 keys to choosing a calendar tool 

Time is the most valuable resource we have, it’s what we have to distribute more efficiently and what you should think about first when you consider calendar tools. 

  1. 1. Integration: you are probably using more than one management, design, or digital tool at once. So, you need to get a tool that integrates with the rest of your apps and other calendars easily 
  2. 2. Security: if you are going to use this calendar to handle business it needs to be safe. Pick a calendar that protects your information and data to protect your company 
  3. 3. Features: figure out what are the most important things you need from a calendar. Then choose a tool that you like using, and test out the features to find the right fit 
  4. 4. Reviews: one of the best ways to know if a product is actually good is to read the reviews from other users and get an insight into how it really works 
  5. 5. Individual or teams: depending on the size of your team you will need to upgrade to paid plans, or get a calendar tool that allows the individual free accounts to work together

Calendar is our favorite calendar tool. This free app simplifies meeting scheduling to a simple link sharing. Instead of countless email exchanges to set up one meeting, you can just share your calendar on an email and have the other party pick a time and day, simple as that! 

With a account, you can also: 

  • ✅Receive notifications of important tasks and meetings
  • ✅Collaborate on other calendars and combine with your individual one 
  • ✅Block time slots for work and other needs
  • ✅Integrate with project management apps, time tracking, billing, and invoices, plus more
  • ✅Open an account for FREE 

We wrote a full review of this tool and why is the number one pick here

Google Calendar 

This is an easy choice since this calendar comes integrated with your GSuite accounts. You can add and schedule Google Meetings with a few clicks, keeping it all within the Google family. 

Super useful calendar that communicates very well with the rest of the Google products, good for quick meeting scheduling and keeping track of things. It can also synchronize with your personal calendar for more comprehensive scheduling. 

The best time to schedule a meeting is mid-morning, between 10 AM - 12 PM and that applies to any industry Calendly 

Calendly is not fully a calendar app, it’s automation software that checks your calendar for free time slots to provide available times for meetings. 

Like with you can save scheduling time by just sharing links to set up meetings, and it can integrate with other calendars like Google, etc. 


Asana is part of a bigger workflow management platform but it does have a great calendar feature. Made for integrating team calendars and schedules into one to make it easier to work together. 

You can schedule meetings, share and collaborate on projects and tasks. To get the Asana calendar you also need to get the full basic services suite. Great for managing projects and internal workflow. 


As the name suggests Teamup was designed for teams. Its main goal is to make it easier to assign, schedule, and collaborate with your team. Schedule meetings, share updates, collaborate on files, and make decisions together. 

It has a free version for up to 8 calendars and beyond that, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. 

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