Tools in review: The best digital business card

Inlat is all about helping you find the best tech tools to take your business to the next level, here we will take a look at the top three tools in any category, their benefits, and give you a general rundown of what you can get out of each one, plus why you these particular tools should interest you. 

What are digital business cards?

Digital business cards are the tech replacement for paper business cards, they are more advanced, stylish, eco-friendly, and versatile. They can give your networking a solid boost and add to your efforts in making a great first impression, plus they are a more complete way to share information. 

Benefits of using digital business cards over paper cards 

  1. Share all your information in one card, with no space limitations 
  2. Add links to your website, portfolio, online store, etc 
  3. Link to your WhatsApp and calendar to schedule meetings
  4. No contact is needed to share 
  5. Connect to your social media accounts 
  6. Turn it into an email marketing signature with Linkcard 
  7. Less paper waste, more eco-conscious 
  8. Update your information whenever you need to 
  9. Track traffic data from your business card
  10. Never run out of cards again!

Want a rundown of the more important reasons to go digital? We’ve got you! 

The best apps to create digital business cards 

Digital business cards are quickly becoming a must-have, especially when the opportunity to network comes up. Having a digital business card allows you to share information easily, digitally, and personalized. This popularity increase means there are more options to choose from when building your digital business cards, we’ll show some of the ones we prefer. 

#1 has been at the top of Inlat’s digital tools list for a long time, this no-code microsite builder can help you create impressive digital business cards and so much more!

Super easy-to-use dashboard and professionally designed templates to build your digital business card with all the perks you want and some extra features that will make the business even smoother. 

This is our personal favorite and we love the versatility the platform offers users, plus you can have your free digital business card forever, and we are not the only ones to think so, check out this other Linkcard vs other digital cards review.

Check out what Linkcard’s digital business cards look like here 

What do you get with Linkcard?

  • Get one free card forever 
  • Business and enterprise plans for bigger needs 
  • Share with QR, email, links, WhatsApp and text 
  • Create email signatures 
  • Link to social media, websites, portfolios, and more 
  • Add pictures and videos 
  • Create a direct message options 
  • Link to your meeting calendar 
  • Use it as a Link in Bio for your profiles 
  • Add QR codes 
  • Use features like Lead Booster to improve your conversions

Want free digital business cards? Build a digital business cards with Linkcard in minutes and create an email signature with it

#2 HiHello

HiHello is another of the digital card creators we can recommend, they have an easy-to-use builder and the basics you need for your next presentation card. 

Also built for improving networking and improving on the old paper-made cards, HiHello is a solid option for those looking to update their cards.

What do you get with HiHello?

  • Free card for individual plan 
  • Share cards easily with QR codes, links, email, and more
  • Add and update your information 
  • Link to websites and more
  • Update connection to contacts  
  • Personalize color 
  • Choose from different backgrounds 

#3 Knowee

Knowee is the last on our list, this digital business card builder puts a lot of focus on the sustainable aspect of the product, proud to be an eco-friendly option for businesses. 

What do you get with Knowee?

  • ●Free card
  • ●Save others cards 
  • ●Personalize with logo and picture 
  • ●Create an email signature 
  • ●Share as many times as you want

How to create a digital business card for free? 

  1. 1. Go to Linkcard or your favorite builder option, register 
  2. 2. Build you card in minutes 
  3. 3. and go! 
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