The business tool of the week is Calendar: schedule your life and don’t miss another meeting!

We finally have an answer to the question: what is the best scheduling tool? It’s Calendar! The demands of modern working hours, remote schedules, and meetings can feel impossible to handle at times. That is why you need a tool that can hold it all in one place, is easy to share, edit and configure. 

Because of the new digital and ever-changing nature of working schedules having a regular calendar no longer works. Online meetings are taking up more of our time as they replace face-to-face interactions and emails. After the pandemic, we started having more meetings but shorter times, and the coordination needed to make it a seamless dance takes up a lot of energy. Enter the solution to your scheduling problems:

What is

Calendar is an all-in-one organization and scheduling tool engineered to make the most of your time. It is hands down the best scheduling software of any type that the inlat team has tried. Seamlessly add meetings, set aside time to work, share and optimize your day thanks to insights from the Calendar app. 

Time is a game-changer for business, being able to confidently meet your tasks, show up for meetings and talk to clients is surely going to have a positive impact on your company. 

The best organizational and calendar tool is key to team success

How you can use is what the name says. Basically, a tech super-powered calendar that can handle all the demands of your current workload. Use it to take back control of your days, create spaces for the tasks or people that need it, and see how you are spending your hours throughout the day. 

What can you do with your Calendar?

  • Schedule internal and external meetings from one place. 

This helps avoid double-booking and scheduling mistakes. 

  • Schedule events.

You can now try your very best not to miss anything important again.

  • Set aside hours for your own tasks.

Protect the time you need to work, set aside blocks of time for work or personal tasks. No need to keep track Calendar will do it for you, and prevent people from scheduling meetings during those hours. 

  • Share your calendar without fear of agenda mistakes. 

It stays updated and blocks off times you’ve assigned for other things.

  • Easily find time slots for team meetings. 

Features like “find a time” are there to help you improve productivity on team tasks.

  • Data analytics. 

Clearly see where you spend your time and make the changes you need to get the most out of the workweek. 

  • Use one software instead of 10. 

Calendar has the same capabilities and features you could only get with a combination of apps and software, just one place. 

Time is the most valuable resource

For businesses and entrepreneurs like the ones we work with at inlat time is the most important resource. Spending time wisely saves money and creates opportunity. It’s the most impactful limitation for many startups and that’s why we are proud to be partners with 

Make sure you and your teams get the most out of your hours to increase productivity and peace of mind at the end of the day.  

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