Landing Pad & Scale-up Services

Tapping into a new market is a very challenging task that requires among others language, knowledge of the local business culture, human and financial resources as well as connections. inlat is the bridge that will mitigate this gap and facilitate your SaaS entry, growth and scale-up into Latin America.

We offer two main family of services “Execution” & “Consultancy” divided into Core & Additional Services as outlined below.



  • Remote Sales execution from A to Z in outsource mode or as a complement to an existing operation
  • Generation of Qualified & Hot leads 
  • Business development | Partnerships & Alliances 
  • Remote Management of your Key Account(s)



  • Headcount Augmentation
  • Preparation of Go-To-Market Plan 
  • Qualifying New Markets
  • Product-Market fit
  • Mapping of Initial Opportunities per Target Market
  • Generation of a Sales Pipeline 
  • Negotiation of Contracts
  • Writing of Thought Leadership Content Marketing Articles 
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