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  • 5 key tips for generating qualified leads

    Lead generation is one of the most important parts of a successful startup or business. It’s the first step of the user and client acquisition process so it needs to be constant and strong. Once you figure out how to generate great leads you will see an expansion in business and profit.  The best way to go about this is to set strategies and automate lead collection, generating a continuous flow of leads for your company.  Build a content strategy for your website  Content is one of the best ways to generate leads from your website. It capitalizes on your target's interests to introduce your brand, and services and funnel people from an article to a meeting or subscription.  This article for example is aimed at giving tips for lead generation but it also exposes readers to Inlat’s knowledge in business and can create leads for us.  The main thing to remember about content as a lead generator is that it is a long-term strategy, you need to produce content regularly, make sure it has quality, and is actually helpful to your target demographic.  Here’s a quick starter guide to creating your content strategy: 1. Research your target audience's needs and likes  2. Create a solid brand tone and persona  3. Build a good content creation team including blog writing and visual talent  4. Diversify your content from blogs to videos, tutorials, ebooks, and more 5. Use content across platforms and adapt from the website to social  Collect and analyze data  Data is everything when it comes to lead generation. One of the best things about the digital age is how much data we can collect and what we can learn from it.  Paying attention to your lead generation data will tell you what parts of your website and social campaigns are captivating your targets, what type of messaging works, and what your most in-demand service or product is.  If you are starting out, then focus on the basics where is the consumer traffic coming from, what pages get the most views, the user's journey from homepage to shop or subscription, and where you are losing leads on the site.  Use these focal points to improve your strategy and performance by trying different copy, graphics, or functionalities.  Pay attention to mobile  According to a Hubspot research, mobile optimization is one of the most successful strategies for lead generation, 64% of SEO marketers think so. Because mobile traffic, shopping, and acquisition have become so major you can no longer ignore this vital part of your digital lead funnel.  Having a mobile experience that can bring in successful leads can be a game-changer for your business and it doesn’t take much. To enhance your mobile presence you need to build mobile-first sites to create an active mobile presence and invest in mobile ads. Scale-up to new markets    We told you we’d talk about Inlat, this is it. One of the best ways to generate more leads is to expand your markets and to do that you will need to scale up partners like Inlat. For us, the mission is getting you in a competitive position in the Americas, providing you with the tools for success, and seeing you grow.  New markets bring more leads, once you have created a solid stream of users where you started it's time to think about expansion. This is not only healthy business is the only way to grow your company. Think carefully about what market works with your product and plan your strategy with the help of people familiar with the new territory.  Create a global strategy for marketing, sales, and accounts  If you want a successful quality lead generation funnel your strategy needs to encompass the marketing, sales, and account teams. Having these three departments on the same page when it comes to attacking, managing, and turning leads into customers is going to be essential since they will all rely on each other.  The marketing message needs to stay true → to what the sales team can deliver so that → accounts can then manage relations and expectations ...

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  • Pre-market qualification: How to plan a market entry? 

    Being ready to expand your business into new markets means you have achieved the success needed where you started, it also means you are ready to put in the work needed to do it right. Growing from one market to conquering another requires organization, research, investment, and a  deep understanding of the new territory.  Take for example Latin America, a young growing market that can be a productive investment for years while at the same time being an economic landscape you need to tread carefully. Entering the Latam market is a great idea for some businesses, however, it requires companies to come prepared. The region, where Inlat is an expert market partner, is one that is leaving its tumultuous past behind for a shiny future, a market that is great, especially for startups.  How do you know your company is ready to enter Latam or any new market? 1. You are turning a profit in your current market  2. You have investors lined up to back your new market venture  3. You have allies or partners in the new market  4. You know there is a clear need for your product or service in the new market  5. You have previous knowledge or a successful position in this market  Timing your entry into a new market  Timing is everything when it comes to market entry, so you need to plan your first steps carefully. Entering the market at the right time makes a huge difference, and can change the way users respond and embrace your product.  To do this you need to keep an eye on the market, have a tight week-by-week plan for introducing your brand in the market, and plan supply, marketing, and all other aspects ahead of the incursion. Figuring out what you need to enter the new market  Once you have looked at the timing you’ll need to start a checklist of other items on your market entry list. Depending on the market this list will change but it is essential you have a solid growth infrastructure to complete your goals in the new landscape.  Cultural settings  First, figure out the cultural differences you will need to adjust to. How to relate with the local customers or users, these are all the general details: ✅ Languages  ✅ Cultural practices  ✅ Limits and what to avoid  ✅ How to advertise there? ✅ Demographics  Competitor research  One of the most important parts of this market entre preparedness is recognizing and sizing up your competition. This gives you an overall view of the market you’ll be competing in and where your product stands amongst the others.  Getting reliable partners in the new market  A reliable market entry is a special ingredient in any market incursion. Creating partnerships with the right companies, consulting firms, or distributors will get you closer to your target audience and provide a smoother entry into the market.  At Inlat we guide our clients into the Latin American market with a combination of inside knowledge, customer insights, and the best growth strategic planning in the region.  Coming up with a new marketing strategy adaptable to the new market  New markets require new marketing strategies. This target will need to be spoken to in a new way, so your marketing plans will need an adjustment. Investing in marketing research and expertise will make a huge difference. Having some insight into what the demographics respond to and what works and doesn’t in that market, will make your strategy more effective.  Launch and for gathering data for adjustments  The final parts of your new market entry will be the after-launch results. You won’t fully know how the public will react to your product until you launch your product. Prepare to collect and analyze the data that comes in after your first launch. This will help you assess, reorganize and improve results.  Good luck in the next market! ...

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  • Business tool of the week: Make every day of the week great with Monday

    One of the biggest factors in business success is management and organization, having the ability to follow through with projects and meet deadlines will make the difference between a successful and a failed business venture. In the age of digital meetings and remote teams, you need equally advanced and flexible tools that can manage communication from all ends of your team. That’s what Monday does! At Inlat we have partnered up with Monday to provide our clients with a great management tool and we also use it to handle our own projects. For us, it has become an integral part of our processes and a boost for our productivity.  Why does project management matter for startups? Good management is the key to achieving goals as a startup. One of the most dangerous pitfalls for any business, one that often leads startups to the death valley, is having no organization. Because then resources are mismanaged, time and money are wasted, until you find your company at the point of no return.  Being able to rely on good management helps you with: 1. Time-saving  2. Sticking to budgets  3. Delivering projects or updates on time  4. Effective marketing  5. Using resources efficiently  Using Monday for different goals  Monday’s project management software can function for different areas of business and it can tailor itself to your team's needs. You can also use it as an all-encompassing tool and allow each team leader to create dashboards for every goal.  Take a look at some of the ways you and your teams can use Monday  Monday for Projects → Made for teams that need to manage projects or portfolios, a full infrastructure for every part of the process Monday for CRM → Control, track and improve on every part of the client success cycle in an easy, organic flow  Monday for Devs → Engineered for product and developer teams to make sure all members of technical projects know where they stand  Monday for Marketing → Solidify collaboration between marketing and creative teams with other company departments and create an amazing marketing strategy  Monday features you will love Now that you know how Monday expands across teams and departments, let's take a closer look at some of the great features you can enjoy with this management tool. Automation Stop wasting time and effort with repetitive tasks, you can use Monday’s automation tools to set processes to be carried out by themselves. This frees your employees to handle more serious tasks and problems. Kanban Monday has made Kanban an easy integration to set up because it's software made to handle all types of workflow and get your productivity up and rising quickly. Files Information sharing is key to collaboration between teams, imagine instead of a thousand emails to get one edit done just comment on the file and add the task. Easy, simple, organic, that's how Monday wants your work to go. Dashboards Make your control center host all the information you need while having the flexibility to edit and organize as you want. Each dashboard is unique to the project and tram so the most important information is the one that you see first. Integrations Forget about switching between all your work apps with Monday. Integrate your preferred work tools to make updating tasks and sharing projects easier. Gantt Make success a visual road, track your team's progress through projects, and get a clear image of where you stand on each goal. This is one of the best ways to stay motivated and keep an eye on your project timeline or productivity. Docs We might not be in the office anymore but that doesn’t mean we can collaborate like we are, create docs to share real-time information, have brainstorms, and create an inclusive space where all voices are heard. These are just a few of the highlights from this amazing tool and why Inlat has chosen to partner up with Monday, check out all Monday can do for your management here!...

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  • How to choose a Scale-Up partner service?

    Scaling-up is the process that most companies go through after their initial foundation and success to increase growth. There are partners that specialize in helping brands go through the Scale-up phase. These partners have the know-how and the connection to make growth a much simpler goal to achieve.  What are Scale-up services partners? Scale-up services partners are there to set up companies for success and growth. They offer the accompanying services that increase revenue, brand awareness, presence, etc, depending on your goal.  As an example, Scale-up services at Inlat Global include:  1. Pre/entry market qualification 2. Market guidance and connection for Latin America 3. Sales execution 4. Qualified lead generation 5. Business development  6. Management of your Key Account 7. Growth Marketing: social media, content marketing, etc.  8. So much more! Main benefits of using a Scale-up partner ●Grow faster and easier ●Get access to a new market with a knowledgeable guide  ●Use your partner’s services to cover your own needs ●Save time and money  ●Outsource tasks you can’t cover  ●Get connected with other companies for partnerships and collaborations  Here’s what you should look for in a Scale-up partner  Gain expertise One of the main things you want to get out of a business growth partner is expertise. They need to be better than you at what they do, that’s why you hired them in the first place.  When choosing a consultancy or business partner, look at what you are lacking first and see what matches and fills your needs. That will be key to choosing the right Scale-up services provider.  Good communication  A good partnership needs communication to be easy and transparent. When choosing your growth service provider examine how the meetings, emails, and general communication go. It helps immensely to work with people you can relate ideas to easily.  If they can understand your vision it's more likely they can make it happen. It also helps in terms of relaying your company’s identity to other third parties.  Access new markets  One of the most significant things Scale-up partners can do for your company brings you into new markets. Expanding your reach into unexplored target audiences can have a huge impact on your growth and revenues.   Why do you need to be in Latin American markets?  Latin America is an increasingly digital region with no signs of stopping its evolution. It’s also an incredibly diverse market with many countries and possibilities for growth. Inlat specializes in the Latin American market; granting companies access to key business opportunities while providing expert guidance through the market.  Another aspect to remember is that Latin America is a young region, in terms of population age, increasing its value in the long term. There is much to gain if you enter the market the right way with Inlat.  Boost marketing actions  One of the main components of scaling up is marketing. You need to look for growth partners that have a dedicated marketing service and can give you the support you need to expand your marketing efforts.  Compatible and innovative technology  If you are partnering up with another company your tech needs to match or be improved. Having tech compatibility makes communication and work easier. If your partner can also offer access to better tech tools is a plus, meaning they can improve your processes and handle their own work efficiently.  Make sure to take a look at the tech your partner is using and what other companies they work for to scope out opportunities and matches. ...

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  • 3 Growth marketing strategies to boost your business

    The last couple of years have made a deep dent in a lot of businesses and changed the landscape of entrepreneurship. Many integral parts of business have moved even further into the digital spectrum, while the importance of having a brand personality is even stronger.  So what tools can help you achieve success? One’s that join both of those things. These are 3 growth marketing strategies that can boost business and solidify your brand.  What are growth marketing strategies?  Growth marketing strategies are the different ways in which a company can approach marketing in order to achieve different goals from scaling up to increase sales. They are the basic foundations that will direct actions, budgeting, and planning. Depending on what the company wants to accomplish. So, it is important that the first step you take is to identify the growth objective.  You can use growth marketing strategies to get better results in all these areas:  ✅ Brand awareness  ✅ User base ✅ Gross sales  ✅ Social media following  ✅ Website visits Once you have identified your goal you can get started on strategies. For this article, we’ll show you 3 growth marketing strategies that are useful for almost all purposes.  Email marketing  Yes, email marketing is still a great tool for growth, one of the best actually. A lot of people complain about being subscribed to too many email lists, but those lists tend to work. It keeps customers informed, engaged, and can be a direct lead or sales generator. Email marketing can help you with three major things: 1. Increase engagement  2. Boost sales  3. Improve customer retention To get started with your email marketing strategy follow these steps: 1. Identify your goal, what you want to say, and your target audience  2. Create a brand tone so that writing is simple and recognizable  3. Make the content of your emails valuable for your clients  4. Create an email marketing signature for all your emails, we recommend LinkCard 5. Use automated tools to make things easier  Scale-up partnerships  Scale-up partnerships can give your company the competitive edge it lacks while granting you access to marketing tools you don't have. Why is it a good idea to get a scale-up partner? Because they take care of the work for you, you get to keep focusing on work and have your partner give you the keys for growth.  It is an excellent option for companies and brands that want to stay product-focused, don't have the bandwidth to expand marketing teams, or for those that want to explore a new market with local guidance.  Scaling up is what we do at Inlat Global; we provide our partners with multiple growth services and access to new markets in Latin America. So, we know what we are talking about here.  Content marketing  Content marketing will be the foundation of your SEO, organic traffic, and audience building. Creating quality content that your target finds useful is going to be one of the most effective and versatile marketing hacks. The best part is you can use it in so many ways! If you don’t have a huge marketing budget then this is for you → One piece of content is used for a blog, then a video shared on social media, added to an email campaign, and so much more. If you do have a big budget → Higher quality content, advertising, etc.  Content marketing is all about creating value around your brand, connecting with your audience, and making sure they relate your name to positive ideas. ...

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  • Business tool of the week: better lead management thanks to Streak

    Leads management is one of the key factors of the customer success journey. Being responsive, organized, and clear with your leads has a huge impact on your revenue and brand. Leads are the first point of content between your company and an interested party. They can set the stage for a successful sale or a missed opportunity.  What are Streak CRM tools? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the technological tools used to help companies manage their customer communication, exchanges, and relationships. The main goal of CRM systems like Streak is to help you improve relationships with your customer base.  Because these relationships are often complex, they require constant attention. It is easier to manage the demands with a CRM tool doing the bulk work. Organizing emails, helping assign tasks, and keeping things tidy.  Why does your business need a CRM tool? You can now use CRMs like Streak to manage the whole customer life cycle. The tools help you follow through from first lead contact to project management and satisfaction. That’s why businesses choose to use CRMs to keep things flowing throughout the whole process needed.  ・Contact and manage leads ・Follow through on communications with clients  ・Engage and update customers  ・Assign internal tasks and communication linked to customers  ・Manage internal projects What can Streak tools do for you? Streak is a versatile tool that goes beyond just CRM to help you reach your goals. Because they know business, they offer comprehensive additions to CRM to make management easier for your teams.  CRM Tools  Turn your inbox into a neatly organized spreadsheet, where everything has a place to go and the chances of missing a step are greatly reduced.  Manage communications, responses, deliverables, team assignments, and more! Email Tracking  Know everything that happens to your emails from the moment you share them. Have the peace of mind of knowing that your emails have been opened and that you did your part in that conversation.  Email Merging  Need a hand with email marketing? Streak can help! Send mass emails and create follow-up sequences from your email account with Streak.  Use Streak to improve your management in these fields  Sales Give your sales department the best communication and management tool. So, they can follow up on leads, engage with customers and inform clients easily.  Evolve your sales process, gather data to improve, and be more efficient.  Hiring  Track applicants for positions directly from your email. Make hiring a simple-to-follow process thanks to Streak.  Real estate Keep your deals, leasing, and qualified leads organized in your inbox by just adding Streak. No need to have a big folder of details, use your email and Streak to create a one-stop management center for your real estate listings.  Fundraising  Organize and send invitation emails, follow up with investors, and keep track of venues and prices all from one place.  Support  Give your customers high-quality support by using Streak. Help the support department manage tickets and get back to users in a timely manner.  Project management  Keep track of project information, tasks assigned, updates, meetings, and feedback from your emails. Streak is a great tool for interdepartmental cooperation because projects often need more than one team working together. Make sure internal and external communication goes smoothly with a great workflow creation and organization.  Business development  Manage your partnership from your Gmail account. Send updates and reach out to new prospects from your email account. Build your business and never miss an opportunity again.  Transform your inbox into your business command center with Streak! ...

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  • Business tool of the week: Make your website accessible to all with UserWay

    It is estimated that around 1 billion people will experience a disability once in their life. Being mindful of those that are different makes experiences better for all people involved. That’s why our business tool of the week is: UserWay, a RaaS™ or Remediation as a Service™ tool to help you make your website accessible to people with disabilities.  What does UserWay do? As they explain it themselves:  “UserWay creates advanced website accessibility solutions that help ensure ADA compliance without refactoring your website's existing code. UserWay is a quick and easy to integrate technology that can take your website to new audiences, making your user experience more inclusive and accessible. This RaaS can help you check off more requirements for various international and national disabilities regulations. Including WCAG 2.1, ADA, and other important standards bodies. You can start making your website more accessible right now with UserWay! Who is behind UserWay? UserWays is made up of professionals with decades of knowledge and a passion for bringing digital accessibility to reality. It is a team of technology leaders, engineers, and forward thinkers that understand the importance of making the online world welcoming for all.  What are the WCAG and ADA?  These acronyms stand for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the American Disabilities Act. They are the most important regulatory pieces when it comes to digital and online accessibility. These two institutions are the ones that set the parameters that qualify a website as accessible or not. A basic guide to accessibility content on a website should be POUR.   Perceivable, meaning it has to be perceivable by at least one of their senses Operable, it cannot require unperformable interaction from users Understandable, users should be able to understand content and action on the website  Robust, the website must be robust enough to be interpreted by assistive tools How to make your website WCAG and ADA compliant? To make your website WCAG & ADA compliant you will need to check off the list of parameters that qualify a site as accessible. Meaning the content on your page must be adaptable to differently-abled people.  You can accomplish this by going off item by item or using a tool like UserWay to get you there faster and more easily.  Why does making your website accessible matter? Accessibility is not just about complying with regulations and getting checkmarks, it's about what your brand stands for and who you want to be buying your product or visiting your website. There are 3 major reasons why getting an UserWay plan makes sense for your website.  Be there for your users  Just one tiny change can make your site more accessible and friendlier to those with disabilities. People who want your product or service, that is how they end up on your site, and will now be able to get it comfortably.  Expand your business  Make sure you get your message and sell postings across to the people searching for your products or services. Not everybody can access information the same way, so the best solution is to create content that can translate to most people, that’s what UserWay helps you do.  Get ranked on search engines (SEO) A lot of the details that go into making website content accessible are also useful for SEO best practices. Things like image descriptions, among other things, also help you rank higher when people search for particular keywords. ...

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  • The business tool of the week is Calendar: schedule your life and don’t miss another meeting!

    We finally have an answer to the question: what is the best scheduling tool? It’s Calendar! The demands of modern working hours, remote schedules, and meetings can feel impossible to handle at times. That is why you need a tool that can hold it all in one place, is easy to share, edit and configure.  Because of the new digital and ever-changing nature of working schedules having a regular calendar no longer works. Online meetings are taking up more of our time as they replace face-to-face interactions and emails. After the pandemic, we started having more meetings but shorter times, and the coordination needed to make it a seamless dance takes up a lot of energy. Enter the solution to your scheduling problems:  What is Calendar is an all-in-one organization and scheduling tool engineered to make the most of your time. It is hands down the best scheduling software of any type that the inlat team has tried. Seamlessly add meetings, set aside time to work, share and optimize your day thanks to insights from the Calendar app.  Time is a game-changer for business, being able to confidently meet your tasks, show up for meetings and talk to clients is surely going to have a positive impact on your company.  How you can use is what the name says. Basically, a tech super-powered calendar that can handle all the demands of your current workload. Use it to take back control of your days, create spaces for the tasks or people that need it, and see how you are spending your hours throughout the day.  What can you do with your Calendar? Schedule internal and external meetings from one place.  This helps avoid double-booking and scheduling mistakes.  Schedule events. You can now try your very best not to miss anything important again. Set aside hours for your own tasks. Protect the time you need to work, set aside blocks of time for work or personal tasks. No need to keep track Calendar will do it for you, and prevent people from scheduling meetings during those hours.  Share your calendar without fear of agenda mistakes.  It stays updated and blocks off times you’ve assigned for other things. Easily find time slots for team meetings.  Features like “find a time” are there to help you improve productivity on team tasks. Data analytics.  Clearly see where you spend your time and make the changes you need to get the most out of the workweek.  Use one software instead of 10.  Calendar has the same capabilities and features you could only get with a combination of apps and software, just one place.  Time is the most valuable resource For businesses and entrepreneurs like the ones we work with at inlat time is the most important resource. Spending time wisely saves money and creates opportunity. It’s the most impactful limitation for many startups and that’s why we are proud to be partners with  Make sure you and your teams get the most out of your hours to increase productivity and peace of mind at the end of the day.  ...

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  • What is the startup death valley curve?

    Any business, no matter how ingenious, will run into trouble. One of the most common issues for startups is the death valley curve or J curve. This is a financial phenomenon that occurs to startups when they run out of their initial funds and have to face a harsh market. At this point, they will either fail, adapt, get more funding, or scale-up.  Planning for the J curve of startup death valley must be part of your strategy as a CEO and founder of a startup. With only 10% of startups making it in the long run, being ready to face this financial situation will ensure your business has a better shot at being one of the ones that thrive, holding you together until you can start to turn a profit again.  What is the startup death valley curve? The startup death valley curve or J curve refers to the graph that comes out when your cash funds are plotted against time, which is expected to dip to the negative before rising again. It is an assumed risk of entrepreneurship and almost unavoidable for any new business. Overcoming the death valley curve is a sign of maturity for both leaders and the idea at the core of the startup. How your industry type affects your J curve While the J curve will always follow the same shape, depending on the industry it will have a more or less dramatic decline. Low risk  Low-risk business ventures like food, hospitality, or traditional services, will have a smaller dip in most cases. As expenses can be accurately calculated as well as revenue expectancy.  High risk  High-risk ventures like tech startups have more pronounced dips in their J curves, caused by product experimentation and development expenses. The graphic is more dramatic also because of the high return high-risk ventures can produce. How does scaling up help you avoid falling victim to the startup death valley curve? The best way to help your startup pass the death curve valley is to scale up and start making a profit again fast.  Having a strategy for growth is the best antidote for a slump in your finances. Why? It gives you a direction to place your efforts and the rest of your funds  Makes it easier to get more investment when you have a plan  Opens your business to new markets that can bring in profit A healthy J curve startup progression looks like this  Startup creation  Release your product  Experimenting and investing with the best product version (death valley area, usually where the dip happens)  Building a solid business model  Scaling up Invest your earnings and celebrate your wins! How to scale up your Startup business? Scaling up your startup is the best plan to take on expected death valley curves, even if you do not experience a dip in your financial situation. Because scaling up is basically just a road map for growth it's going to come in handy no matter what. Here’s how you can get started with a scale-up plan for your business.  Do an internal evaluation Set concrete and achievable goals Explore scale up new partners and markets  Create a growth plan and focus your investments on it  Commit to the scale-up plan  ...

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  • How startups can use the scale-up strategy?

    So, you had an idea that you managed to develop into a business, a startup, and now you are ready to take it to the next level. Being in the startup business can be one of the most exciting and tough things any entrepreneur can take on. It requires the foresight to look for good ideas and the business mind to make the right choices at the right time. Scale-Up strategy can be one of the best choices you make for your startup and it can move you away from growing pains to solid gains, by letting you explore new exciting marketing tools, expanding targets, and more.  What is Scale-Up? A Scale-Up is basically a business that is experiencing high growth. If we follow the OECD definition it would be companies growing either employee or turnover numbers by 20% yearly, for at least the past three years. Three years and more of continuous growth sounds good, right? Let’s get you there.  This is the most important stage of growth for most companies, as you are getting ready to prove your real, consistent power in the market. It’s the make or break part of the story for many brands.  Differences between Scale-Ups and Startups  Scale-Ups are the next logical steps for startups. Unlike the initial startup stage, Scale-Ups are no longer experimenting with products, they know what works and have a solid offering. They also usually have funding or are bringing in revenue to consider growth. As well as having a more organized internal structure ready to receive new employees.  Think of a Scale-Up as the more mature version of the startup, on its way to being a big, consolidated company. How to build a Scale-Up Strategy for your business?  Scale-up specifics will vary in each company, depending on markets and targets, but there are a few general steps you can take in order to prepare a path to turn your startup into a Scale-Up. 1.Get a clear picture of your now You need to know where your startup stands now in order to make any plans for becoming a Scale-up or changing course. Having an overall view of where your finances, resources, products, and team is, will ensure the goals set, and decision-making is much easier.   2. Set goals You know where you are, now define where you want to be! Set clear, realistic goals for your business and then separate those goals into smaller more specific accomplishments. This helps you not feel overwhelmed and celebrate each step forward.  3. Be SMART Whatever you want to achieve, the tactics to get there need to be SMART and by that we mean Specific  Measurable  Achievable  Relevant  Time bound  4. Create a core team  Figure out who in the current team is most valuable, who needs help or motivation, and give it to them. Having clearly defined responsibilities and talent helps you know where to go for what you need, and makes the company respond to pressure positively.  5. Expand your horizons  Exploring new markets with the right alliances, like you can do in Latin America with inlat can expand the revenue possibilities and have a huge impact on your growth. The market and audience you started with do not have to always stay the same, in fact, it is almost necessary for it to change.  6. Turn ideas into numbers  All of the things you want to do need to translate to hard numbers, meaning investment needed, new employees, to add, markets to expand to, advertisement, etc. Be prepared to back up your idea with data. ...

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  • The business tool of the week is Storychief: one of the best blogging and content platforms

    So, you have a brand, a website and are wondering what you can do to boost traffic and get your target’s eyes on your business. The answer is, to create and publish content. That’s where Storychief can help you reach your goals. It is one of the best platforms for creating and posting content for your site and social media that we’ve ever reviewed. Why does content matter so much? Content brings organic traffic, helping people searching for your keywords to find you It builds authority, positioning your business as a knowledgeable player in the industry  Creates a brand personality, content is made with an identifiable tone so your target begins to recognize your brand  Increases lead generation, through search optimization and brand building  Provides target audience with valuable assets, associating your brand with positive experiences   Having a tool like Storychief to help you achieve and benefit from all of those points can improve your whole content strategy to save you time and money.  What is Storychief?  Storychied is a content marketing platform that allows users to create, manage and distribute content in the most important channels. It is fully integrated with all the major names in content and offers quality support throughout your whole experience.  This is the type of tool you need if you are managing content for your brand alone or if your content team needs to boost organization, reach, and productivity.  Heard enough? You can check out Storychief here! Need more reasons to check it out? Then let’s keep going!  What can you do with Storychief?  Manage your content strategy from a to publish. That means planning, writing, creating, editing, scheduling, data collection, and analytics in one place. Storychief connects with your blog, social media channels, and newsletters to create, send out, and keep track of it all.  Storychief Features and Pricing  SEO writing guidelines and assistance  Don’t know how to write content following SEO best practices? Then Storychief will be your best ally! Its text editor comes integrated with a SEO tool that analyses your content and guides you with clear instructions on how to make it more SEO compliant and effective.  Multichannel marketing  Send your content out to multiple platforms at once, with one click from one place to the rest of the world.  Planning and organization  Create and manage your content calendar by yourself or with your team.  Collaborate with content creation, planning, etc Invite people to edit, comment and review content from blogs to posts. Storychief makes it easy to work as a team on content.  Compatible with over 1,000 apps Storychief is fully integrated with over 1,000 apps, so you can work on all fronts from one dashboard.  Schedule and publish content Save time by managing all your content planning with Storychief Manage social media channels  Post, schedule for all your active social media channels from one place.  Newsletter management Create and send newsletters, add existing mailing lists and make new ones, all from the same platform you use for everything else.  Data and analytics  See how your content performs in every channel that you use for distribution, collect data and analyze it together so you can get a clear picture of what works in your content strategy.  So much more…. Prices for team plans start at $90 and go up to $300 for agency teams, find one that fits your needs and start making the most of your content with Storychief!...

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