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I must confess, my inspiration for writing this article was this amazing LinkedIn video trailer by Chelsea Krost I watched about 10 days ago. Over five years ago, maybe as a result of a middle-age crisis, I have gone through a “rebranding” process in all aspects by moving from the comfort zone of being an employee to the risky playground of an independent entrepreneur (more details in this article). This led me to creating my own brand as well as formulating a value proposition that has since been evolving continuously. In the highly dynamic digital age we are living,

what defines us is what others perceive of us”.

Such perception is achieved in multiple ways but mainly, from a positioning standpoint, through creative branding which uses as a basis, one’s own talent, skillset, experiences and vision all packaged under a digital graphical identity which is then implemented on our personal brand touch-points: logo, website, social media, presentations, business cards, etc.


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According to Statista 61% of organic search on Google was performed over mobile. Moreover, on July 1st, 2019 Google launched its “Mobile First Indexing” which means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. While building responsive websites is definitely a must do, Linkcard brings about an innovative approach via a mobile native format: a “micro-website” a new and growing trend that allows professionals and businesses to customize and personalize their digital profile 100% to the brand, a tool “par excellence” for personal branding. Checkout a few examples:

  • Maxi Panero – An in-company Coaching Expert – Argentina
  • Tony Higueruelo – Founder & CEO of a crowd-based movie Production – Spain
  • Afnan Abdullah – A Digital Marketing & Social Media Professional – Saudi Arabia
  • Sharon Stoakes – A Senior Transformation, Strategy & Technology Expert – New Zealand
  • Roni Grosfeld – Co-founder of – USA

Quoting Chelsea Krost, “you are your most powerful marketing tool” and through your Linkcard micro-web business card, you will now be able to discover how popular is your personal brand: how many viewers? What links were clicked? How many times was your card shared? Through which platform was it shared? Etc.


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Are you ready for augmenting yourself?

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