How to choose a Scale-Up partner service?

Scaling-up is the process that most companies go through after their initial foundation and success to increase growth. There are partners that specialize in helping brands go through the Scale-up phase. These partners have the know-how and the connection to make growth a much simpler goal to achieve. 

What are Scale-up services partners?

Scale-up services partners are there to set up companies for success and growth. They offer the accompanying services that increase revenue, brand awareness, presence, etc, depending on your goal. 

As an example, Scale-up services at Inlat Global include: 

    1. 1. Pre/entry market qualification
    2. 2. Market guidance and connection for Latin America
    3. 3. Sales execution
    4. 4. Qualified lead generation
    5. 5. Business development 
    6. 6. Management of your Key Account
    7. 7. Growth Marketing: social media, content marketing, etc. 
    8. 8. So much more!

Main benefits of using a Scale-up partner

    • ●Grow faster and easier
    • ●Get access to a new market with a knowledgeable guide 
    • ●Use your partner’s services to cover your own needs
    • ●Save time and money 
    • ●Outsource tasks you can’t cover 
    • ●Get connected with other companies for partnerships and collaborations 

How to choose a growth partner and scale-up? Make sure they have the expertise, access to new markets, and match your brand's ideals

Here’s what you should look for in a Scale-up partner 

Gain expertise

One of the main things you want to get out of a business growth partner is expertise. They need to be better than you at what they do, that’s why you hired them in the first place. 

When choosing a consultancy or business partner, look at what you are lacking first and see what matches and fills your needs. That will be key to choosing the right Scale-up services provider. 

Good communication 

A good partnership needs communication to be easy and transparent. When choosing your growth service provider examine how the meetings, emails, and general communication go. It helps immensely to work with people you can relate ideas to easily. 

If they can understand your vision it’s more likely they can make it happen. It also helps in terms of relaying your company’s identity to other third parties. 

Access new markets 

One of the most significant things Scale-up partners can do for your company brings you into new markets. Expanding your reach into unexplored target audiences can have a huge impact on your growth and revenues.  

Why do you need to be in Latin American markets? 

Latin America is an increasingly digital region with no signs of stopping its evolution. It’s also an incredibly diverse market with many countries and possibilities for growth. Inlat specializes in the Latin American market; granting companies access to key business opportunities while providing expert guidance through the market. 

Another aspect to remember is that Latin America is a young region, in terms of population age, increasing its value in the long term. There is much to gain if you enter the market the right way with Inlat

Boost marketing actions 

One of the main components of scaling up is marketing. You need to look for growth partners that have a dedicated marketing service and can give you the support you need to expand your marketing efforts. 

Compatible and innovative technology 

If you are partnering up with another company your tech needs to match or be improved. Having tech compatibility makes communication and work easier. If your partner can also offer access to better tech tools is a plus, meaning they can improve your processes and handle their own work efficiently. 

Make sure to take a look at the tech your partner is using and what other companies they work for to scope out opportunities and matches.

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