The business tool of the week is Storychief: one of the best blogging and content platforms

So, you have a brand, a website and are wondering what you can do to boost traffic and get your target’s eyes on your business. The answer is, to create and publish content. That’s where Storychief can help you reach your goals. It is one of the best platforms for creating and posting content for your site and social media that we’ve ever reviewed.

Looking for an all-in-one content platform? Storfychief is the most complete content management tool available

Why does content matter so much?

  1. Content brings organic traffic, helping people searching for your keywords to find you
  2. It builds authority, positioning your business as a knowledgeable player in the industry 
  3. Creates a brand personality, content is made with an identifiable tone so your target begins to recognize your brand 
  4. Increases lead generation, through search optimization and brand building 
  5. Provides target audience with valuable assets, associating your brand with positive experiences  

Having a tool like Storychief to help you achieve and benefit from all of those points can improve your whole content strategy to save you time and money. 

What is Storychief? 

Storychied is a content marketing platform that allows users to create, manage and distribute content in the most important channels. It is fully integrated with all the major names in content and offers quality support throughout your whole experience. 

This is the type of tool you need if you are managing content for your brand alone or if your content team needs to boost organization, reach, and productivity. 

Heard enough? You can check out Storychief here!

Need more reasons to check it out? Then let’s keep going! 

What can you do with Storychief? 

Manage your content strategy from a to publish. That means planning, writing, creating, editing, scheduling, data collection, and analytics in one place. Storychief connects with your blog, social media channels, and newsletters to create, send out, and keep track of it all. 

Storychief Features and Pricing 

  • SEO writing guidelines and assistance 

Don’t know how to write content following SEO best practices? Then Storychief will be your best ally! Its text editor comes integrated with a SEO tool that analyses your content and guides you with clear instructions on how to make it more SEO compliant and effective. 

  • Multichannel marketing 

Send your content out to multiple platforms at once, with one click from one place to the rest of the world. 

  • Planning and organization 

Create and manage your content calendar by yourself or with your team. 

  • Collaborate with content creation, planning, etc

Invite people to edit, comment and review content from blogs to posts. Storychief makes it easy to work as a team on content. 

  • Compatible with over 1,000 apps

Storychief is fully integrated with over 1,000 apps, so you can work on all fronts from one dashboard. 

  • Schedule and publish content

Save time by managing all your content planning with Storychief

  • Manage social media channels 

Post, schedule for all your active social media channels from one place. 

  • Newsletter management

Create and send newsletters, add existing mailing lists and make new ones, all from the same platform you use for everything else. 

  • Data and analytics 

See how your content performs in every channel that you use for distribution, collect data and analyze it together so you can get a clear picture of what works in your content strategy. 

  • So much more….

Prices for team plans start at $90 and go up to $300 for agency teams, find one that fits your needs and start making the most of your content with Storychief!

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