Business tool of the week: Make every day of the week great with Monday

One of the biggest factors in business success is management and organization, having the ability to follow through with projects and meet deadlines will make the difference between a successful and a failed business venture. In the age of digital meetings and remote teams, you need equally advanced and flexible tools that can manage communication from all ends of your team. That’s what Monday does!

At Inlat we have partnered up with Monday to provide our clients with a great management tool and we also use it to handle our own projects. For us, it has become an integral part of our processes and a boost for our productivity. 

Why does project management matter for startups?

Good management is the key to achieving goals as a startup. One of the most dangerous pitfalls for any business, one that often leads startups to the death valley, is having no organization. Because then resources are mismanaged, time and money are wasted, until you find your company at the point of no return. 

Being able to rely on good management helps you with:

  1. 1. Time-saving 
  2. 2. Sticking to budgets 
  3. 3. Delivering projects or updates on time 
  4. 4. Effective marketing 
  5. 5. Using resources efficiently 

Using Monday for different goals 

Monday’s project management software can function for different areas of business and it can tailor itself to your team’s needs. You can also use it as an all-encompassing tool and allow each team leader to create dashboards for every goal. 

Take a look at some of the ways you and your teams can use Monday 

Monday for Projects → Made for teams that need to manage projects or portfolios, a full infrastructure for every part of the process

Monday for CRM → Control, track and improve on every part of the client success cycle in an easy, organic flow 

Monday for Devs → Engineered for product and developer teams to make sure all members of technical projects know where they stand 

Monday for Marketing → Solidify collaboration between marketing and creative teams with other company departments and create an amazing marketing strategy 

Discover what Monday can do for your business, good management goes beyond organization

Monday features you will love

Now that you know how Monday expands across teams and departments, let’s take a closer look at some of the great features you can enjoy with this management tool.


Stop wasting time and effort with repetitive tasks, you can use Monday’s automation tools to set processes to be carried out by themselves. This frees your employees to handle more serious tasks and problems.


Monday has made Kanban an easy integration to set up because it’s software made to handle all types of workflow and get your productivity up and rising quickly.


Information sharing is key to collaboration between teams, imagine instead of a thousand emails to get one edit done just comment on the file and add the task. Easy, simple, organic, that’s how Monday wants your work to go.


Make your control center host all the information you need while having the flexibility to edit and organize as you want. Each dashboard is unique to the project and tram so the most important information is the one that you see first.


Forget about switching between all your work apps with Monday. Integrate your preferred work tools to make updating tasks and sharing projects easier.


Make success a visual road, track your team’s progress through projects, and get a clear image of where you stand on each goal. This is one of the best ways to stay motivated and keep an eye on your project timeline or productivity.


We might not be in the office anymore but that doesn’t mean we can collaborate like we are, create docs to share real-time information, have brainstorms, and create an inclusive space where all voices are heard.

These are just a few of the highlights from this amazing tool and why Inlat has chosen to partner up with Monday, check out all Monday can do for your management here!

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