Business tool of the week: better lead management thanks to Streak

Leads management is one of the key factors of the customer success journey. Being responsive, organized, and clear with your leads has a huge impact on your revenue and brand. Leads are the first point of content between your company and an interested party. They can set the stage for a successful sale or a missed opportunity. 

What are Streak CRM tools?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the technological tools used to help companies manage their customer communication, exchanges, and relationships. The main goal of CRM systems like Streak is to help you improve relationships with your customer base. 

Because these relationships are often complex, they require constant attention. It is easier to manage the demands with a CRM tool doing the bulk work. Organizing emails, helping assign tasks, and keeping things tidy. 

Why does your business need a CRM tool?

You can now use CRMs like Streak to manage the whole customer life cycle. The tools help you follow through from first lead contact to project management and satisfaction. That’s why businesses choose to use CRMs to keep things flowing throughout the whole process needed. 

    • ・Contact and manage leads
    • ・Follow through on communications with clients 
    • ・Engage and update customers 
    • ・Assign internal tasks and communication linked to customers 
    • ・Manage internal projects

What can Streak tools do for you?

Streak is a versatile tool that goes beyond just CRM to help you reach your goals. Because they know business, they offer comprehensive additions to CRM to make management easier for your teams. 

CRM Tools 

Turn your inbox into a neatly organized spreadsheet, where everything has a place to go and the chances of missing a step are greatly reduced. 

Manage communications, responses, deliverables, team assignments, and more!

Email Tracking 

Know everything that happens to your emails from the moment you share them. Have the peace of mind of knowing that your emails have been opened and that you did your part in that conversation. 

Email Merging 

Need a hand with email marketing? Streak can help! Send mass emails and create follow-up sequences from your email account with Streak. 

 What does Streak CRM do? Manage lead, support, projects and business development from your inbox

Use Streak to improve your management in these fields 


Give your sales department the best communication and management tool. So, they can follow up on leads, engage with customers and inform clients easily. 

Evolve your sales process, gather data to improve, and be more efficient. 


Track applicants for positions directly from your email. Make hiring a simple-to-follow process thanks to Streak. 

Real estate

Keep your deals, leasing, and qualified leads organized in your inbox by just adding Streak. No need to have a big folder of details, use your email and Streak to create a one-stop management center for your real estate listings. 


Organize and send invitation emails, follow up with investors, and keep track of venues and prices all from one place. 


Give your customers high-quality support by using Streak. Help the support department manage tickets and get back to users in a timely manner. 

Project management 

Keep track of project information, tasks assigned, updates, meetings, and feedback from your emails. Streak is a great tool for interdepartmental cooperation because projects often need more than one team working together. Make sure internal and external communication goes smoothly with a great workflow creation and organization. 

Business development 

Manage your partnership from your Gmail account. Send updates and reach out to new prospects from your email account. Build your business and never miss an opportunity again. 

Transform your inbox into your business command center with Streak!

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