Business Tool of the Week #5

Courtesy AltoWeb design team

There are many eCommerce offerings out there, from single developers to the well known marketplaces. The particularity of AltoWeb stands with its hybrid model: it’s both a “Software as a Service” & “Human eCommerce as a Service” with a very special emphasis on the highest quality standards!

With hundreds of online shops already deployed, AltoWeb is the ideal choice for any small to medium business, that wants and requires a premium approach to eCommerce. The business model offered is flexible and affordable, based on a monthly plan with no setup cost and no commissions on sales!

Finally, AltoWeb is also the best option for digital agencies, freelancers and nomads who outsource to AltoWeb all eCommerce technical aspects (from initial development, setup and implementation to the on-going support & maintenance).

While digital experts focus on what they do best, AltoWeb gives them the technological peace of mind they need, for generating new and long lasting revenues via recurring commissions, forever.


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