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  • Business Tool of the Week #5

    “The best service for your eCommerce. We help companies to effectively execute their digital strategy by developing and maintaining fast, secure, reliable and fully personalized websites.”

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  • Business Tool of the Week #4

    Linkcard is the first digital Business Card platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and customize Digital Business Cards exactly the way you want.

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  • Scale-up Tip #1: Perseverance & Follow-up as Core Assets

    Scale-up Tip #1 by

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  • Business Tool of the Week #1

    Content creation and distribution tool: Create, Publish, Analyze Stats and manage your stories over multiple channels in one click.

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  • “Scale up as a Service” for SaaS in Latin America – inlat reloaded!

    “Scale up as a Service” by inlat for SaaS comanies interested in establishing or expanding their presence in Latin America.

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  • “Startup-of-One” – starting all over at 45

    The “system” I was born into implied a simple formula: get the best degree you can, look for a job, [...]

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  • Startups, Raising Funds vs. Making Money?

    Early stage technological startups are typically founded by highly talented individuals; generally speaking, by at least one technically-oriented brilliant founder. [...]

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  • My Augmented Me

    I must confess, my inspiration for writing this article was this amazing LinkedIn video trailer by Chelsea Krost I watched about 10 days ago. [...]

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  • Going Digital On Business Cards? Paper Format Is Officially Dead!

    The single most important moment of a business encounter has always been the handshake (and/or a kiss) followed by the [...]

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