Becoming a better boss: top lessons for effective leadership

Leadership has a significant impact on the growth of your company or startup. Having the right person at the top will impact how employees perform and investors see your company. Being a CEO, team manager, or leader is a role that requires a lot of work. Learning how to be the best leader can make the difference between success and failure. 

Each of Inlat’s business partners has put their trust in our leadership, that is why we value these skills so much. Also because when you are investing in startups, a lot of the time, you are trusting the leadership over the facts.  You have to be able to inspire confidence from the inside and outside so people will bet on you, even before you have a final product. 

Learn to be flexible 

Having to be the manager of a project means adapting to new events. This is especially true for startups and tech entrepreneurs, as these industries experience rapid changes constantly. 

Because of the nature of leadership, it is necessary to be flexible with tasks, schedules, and workloads. Having the ability to function under stress or unforeseen obstacles will make your company stronger and you a better leader. 

Creating routines, adding good habits, and organizing your schedules will help you in finding flexibility. Because you will be on top of daily tasks which allows you to make time for the unexpected. 

Invest in your self-growth 

There’s always room for improvement and things to learn as a professional and leader. Keeping your skills updated and adding new ones not only help you. It also serves as an example to the people who work for you to stay motivated. 

Keep in mind that growth as a leader does not have to be just business-focused: meditating, exercising, or mastering a hobby also results in growth and that is reflected in your leadership. 

Figure out your leadership style 

Being a leader is natural for some people and for others it takes a lot of work. One of the things that can help you become a better leader is knowing what your leadership style is. 

Do you know what type of leader you are? 7 Types of leadership and knowing yours can help you excel at being the bossThere are 7 types of leadership 

  1. 1. Authoritarian – autocratic 
  2. 2. Bureaucratic 
  3. 3. Democratic 
  4. 4. Coaching 
  5. 5. Transformational – visionary 
  6. 6. Servant 
  7. 7. Laissez-faire 

You can take a leadership style quiz here

Master delegating 

Delegating the right way is one of the top benefits of effective leadership. A good delegator understands their team, and can perfectly manage projects and distribute jobs. This is a key aspect of projects getting finished in time and your company succeeding in business. 

3 Tips to improve delegating work 

  1. 1. Use a project management system like Monday
  2. 2. Talk to your team weekly and catch up on their tasks 
  3. 3. Create different departments to manage separate needs 

Stay creative and positive 

You have to lead by example! Startup life can be difficult in the first years with you and your team facing a lot of uncertainty, you can help them by keeping a good attitude. 

Positivity and creativity will create a more productive work environment and can be the reason you come up with the next unicorn idea, so don’t neglect this part of business when you become the boss. 

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