5 Top demand generation strategies 

Demand drives business, it is the force behind production and sales. An essential part of any business is to adapt to create more demand for their product or service. When your company is not a provider of necessary goods, you need to learn to become attractive enough to persuade buyers to spend their money on you. So, how can you make demand increase? Here are 5 strategies that can help you! 

Develop your LinkedIn profiles for both company and personal 

When it comes to B2B and SaaS companies LinkedIn is the most important social media channel.

Why is LinkedIn so important? Because it’s responsible for more than half of all social traffic on B2B sites and similar blogs, it’s basically the place to be for B2B and demand building. 

This former professional networking platform has become one of the best mediums to boost brand awareness, make connections with sales departments and create demand for your product. 

If your company is focused on B2B products or services, then you need to jump on creating an attractive Linkedin profile for your brand, your employees, and yourself. 

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that personal profiles are just as important (if not more) than the company side. 

Personal profiles can boost brand awareness and be an incredible selling force for your company. Think of each employee as a potential influencer on LinkedIn. 

Plus, this strategy can help with not only demand but also recruitment, awareness, and overall brand building. 

What to focus on with LinkedIn profiles 

  1. 1. Use good images and offer quality content to followers
  2. 2. Ask employees to participate in content distribution 
  3. 3. Give your employees graphic support for their posts 
  4. 4. Build a unique tone of voice and allow employees to do the same 
  5. 5. Quality over quantity always but don’t stay silent for too long

Elevate your content marketing 

Content marketing is a cost-effective, long-term strategy for driving demand. Creating quality content will not only add value to your brand but create the foundation for boosting demand. 

You can introduce through content the reasons why your product or service is needed and link to parts of your business that can help customers achieve their goals

The key will be to offer enough advice, tips, and quality data to be a valuable resource while highlighting how your product or service can help others achieve goals. 

Automate your lead management 

Lead quality and management are going to be key strategies for demand generation. Leads are where you get demand from and those connections will be the foundations of business. 

Being able to get qualified leads and not lose them in the noise of everyday tasks will make your demand shoot up. These clients already have needs and your rapid response is the market driver that will make the difference. 

We use CRM and lead management platforms like Streak to stay on top of each customer and provide a quality service that sets us apart, you will want the same for your company. 

Automation saves time, prevents mistakes, and keeps your leads organized for you to meet goals, boost demand, and more!

Boost brand awareness 

Want more people to ask for your services/product? Tell them what you do! 

This is demand 101: if people don’t know what you do or who you are, they won’t reach out, simple as that. 

You can boost brand awareness to create an increase in demand for your products and services You can start with 3 simple but effective actions

  1. 1. Create a brand manual → Having a consistent brand image can increase revenue by up to 23% 
  2. 2. Start blogging → Brands that blog consistently generate up to 67% more leads
  3. 3. Choose your color wisely  → The right combination of colors can increase brand recognition by 80% 

(Source: smallbizgenius)

Inject your brand with personality, and ideas and create a story around it. Remember you are appealing to people and need to create connections. There are branding opportunities you don’t want to miss

Switch to omnichannel marketing to increase your reach 

Omnichannel marketing means that all the channels you use to communicate with your target are integrated and connected. 

This makes it easier to manage communication, create a consistent schedule for message distribution, make your content reach its audience, and develop a marketing strategy that starts with the big picture first. 

Using omnichannel marketing lets you post and schedule to several places at once plus communicate with your customers easily and uniformly. 

Nothing gets lost in translation or publication and you can cut workloads, costs, and timeframes by a lot. 

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