3 Growth marketing strategies to boost your business

The last couple of years have made a deep dent in a lot of businesses and changed the landscape of entrepreneurship. Many integral parts of business have moved even further into the digital spectrum, while the importance of having a brand personality is even stronger.  So what tools can help you achieve success? One’s that join both of those things. These are 3 growth marketing strategies that can boost business and solidify your brand. 

What are growth marketing strategies? 

Growth marketing strategies are the different ways in which a company can approach marketing in order to achieve different goals from scaling up to increase sales. They are the basic foundations that will direct actions, budgeting, and planning. Depending on what the company wants to accomplish. So, it is important that the first step you take is to identify the growth objective

You can use growth marketing strategies to get better results in all these areas: 

  • ✅ Brand awareness 
  • ✅ User base
  • ✅ Gross sales 
  • ✅ Social media following 
  • ✅ Website visits

Once you have identified your goal you can get started on strategies. For this article, we’ll show you 3 growth marketing strategies that are useful for almost all purposes. 

Email marketing 

Yes, email marketing is still a great tool for growth, one of the best actually. A lot of people complain about being subscribed to too many email lists, but those lists tend to work. It keeps customers informed, engaged, and can be a direct lead or sales generator. Email marketing can help you with three major things:

  1. 1. Increase engagement 
  2. 2. Boost sales 
  3. 3. Improve customer retention

To get started with your email marketing strategy follow these steps:

  1. 1. Identify your goal, what you want to say, and your target audience 
  2. 2. Create a brand tone so that writing is simple and recognizable 
  3. 3. Make the content of your emails valuable for your clients 
  4. 4. Create an email marketing signature for all your emails, we recommend LinkCard
  5. 5. Use automated tools to make things easier 

Email marketing, scaling-up, and content marketing are 3 growth marketing strategies you can never forget.

Scale-up partnerships 

Scale-up partnerships can give your company the competitive edge it lacks while granting you access to marketing tools you don’t have. Why is it a good idea to get a scale-up partner? Because they take care of the work for you, you get to keep focusing on work and have your partner give you the keys for growth. 

It is an excellent option for companies and brands that want to stay product-focused, don’t have the bandwidth to expand marketing teams, or for those that want to explore a new market with local guidance. 

Scaling up is what we do at Inlat Global; we provide our partners with multiple growth services and access to new markets in Latin America. So, we know what we are talking about here. 

Content marketing 

Content marketing will be the foundation of your SEO, organic traffic, and audience building. Creating quality content that your target finds useful is going to be one of the most effective and versatile marketing hacks. The best part is you can use it in so many ways!

If you don’t have a huge marketing budget then this is for you → One piece of content is used for a blog, then a video shared on social media, added to an email campaign, and so much more.

If you do have a big budget → Higher quality content, advertising, etc. 

Content marketing is all about creating value around your brand, connecting with your audience, and making sure they relate your name to positive ideas. 

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